our services


Ray Johnson Plumbing & Heating provides a variety of plumbing services, which include:

  • Water line installations

  • Industrial plumbing appliances and fixtures installations

  • Sewer and drain installation

  • Sump pump installations

  • Code violation removal and resolution

  • General plumbing

  • New roughing for new construction and existing buildings


Ray Johnson Plumbing & Heating installs HVAC systems in commercial projects throughout the province. Our HVAC services include:

  • Air cleaner installations

  • Air conditioning system installations

  • Duct cleaning

  • Duct-free split type system installations

  • Furnace installation

  • Heat pump installations

  • Safety checks

  • Hot water heater installations

  • Tankless water heaters installations


Ray Johnson Plumbing & Heating installs all makes and models of heating equipment involved in commercial and industrial heating systems. We are continuously training to keep abreast of the newest equipment available. We are pleased to offer our customers high efficiency equipment that will lower your utility bills and keep you comfortable for years to come.


Forced Air Systems

  • Can be filtered, humidified, or dehumidified

  • Can use a variety of energy sources, including electricity, natural gas, propane, and oil

  • Can be used as both heating and cooling


  • Operation clearly audible throughout the building

  • Air requires filtration and regular maintenance


Works by heating air in a furnace and then forcing air out into various areas of the home through installed duct work and registers.


A furnace is a major appliance for most people. It is permanently installed to provide heat to an interior space through intermediary fluid movement, which may be air, steam, or hot water.  A typical lifespan of a furnace is 15-25 years.



Hydro Heat

  • Very efficient

  • Similar heating output to a forced air system


  • Separate system required for air conditioning


Uses a natural hot heater equipped with a finned tube heat exchanger to provide space heating, as well as hot water.


Electric Heat Pumps

  • Typically very quiet and energy efficient

  • Can be fueled by electricity, oil, or natural gas

  • Temperature can be controlled separately in each room


  • May require a separate cooling system.


During the summer, extracts heat from inside the home and transfers it to the outdoor air. In the winter, takes heat from outside and moves it in.


Hydronic Heating

  • Warms a room very quickly


  • Separate system required for air conditioning

  • Can limit furniture placement options in a room


Heated water runs in a closed system underneath hard floor surfaces throughout the home to keep toes toasty.



A closed unit in which water or other fluid is heated. Heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for heating the building. Boilers can be made of cast-iron, steel, or copper heat exchangers, using different burners and venting systems. A wall-mount condensing boiler is a preferred design for most residential applications because of its flexible venting options and compact design.